German premiere and online screenings

18 – 21 June 2020

Online here at 8 pm, Follow-up discussion by livestream starting 9.40 pm

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The Film

Optionally with German or English subtitles

90 min


18 – 21 June 2020

Follow-up discussion starting 9.40 pm

Artist talk with performers of Costa Compagnie

06/18/20, 9.40 pm

Hosted by Elis Mavie (architect with focus on sustainable urban planning, Maputo, Mozambique)

Panel: Perceptions of the self and of others in the context of racist stereotyping

06/19/20, 9.40 pm

With Helen Wendt (Protagonist, Oldenburg State Theatre), Iniobong Essien (social psychologist, FernUni Hagen), moderated by ShaNon Bobinger (Systemic Consulting and Inclusive Communication, Berlin)

Deep Talk: Black Lives Matter, Racism and Forced Migration

06/20/20, 9.40 pm

With Rachel De Garang (performer and social diversity worker, Bristol, England) and ShaNon Bobinger (Systemic Life Coach for Intercultural Communication, Berlin)

Panel: Independence and Nationalism. Freedom for whom?

06/21/20, 9.40 pm

With Felix Meyer-Christian (Director and Artistic Director: Costa Compagnie), Thorsten Mense (sociologist and journalist with a focus on nationalism), moderated by Andrea Kuhn (director of the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival)

In addition, students of the HKS Ottersberg offer mediation formats for the film as part of the flausen + banden! Festival on selected days.

About the Film

What is independence today? Do we want to fight for or against? And how do colonialism and racism, the cause of many independence movements, continue to have an effect today?

The Afro-German actress Helen Wendt (Oldenburg State Theater) takes the audience on a journey through independence movements in Mozambique, South Sudan, Great Britain, Spain and Germany, while fighting for her own independence and identity within the systemic racist structures in her own life.

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360° Video Gallery


A video work on the choreographic installation of the same name in the Edith Russ House for Media Art

Supporting program of the HKS Ottersberg

Mediation formats for the film as part of the flausen + banden! Festival by students from Ottersberg (HKS)

Degree course in dance and theater pedagogy in a seminar on mediation and reflection

“Pen Pals”: Postcard project

by Farina Maletz and Thea Meyer-Grimberg

Exchange before and after the film experience with another person by postcard

Registration by email until 06/10/20

6/20/20, 5 pm: International online conference

by Caroline Papendieck and Janko Krause

What individual, political and social changes will there be after Covid-19? Everyone is welcome to zoom in on this question (s).

Registration by email until 06/19/20

21.06.20, 7 pm: Video contribution

by Ayman Alissa and Arthur Hentzsch

Rap and speaking performance as a short film on the subject “Independence in times of Corona”.

Registration by email until 06/15/20

06/22/20, 3 pm: “Flanieren und Parlieren”

by Naomi Braumüller

Walk on the phone the day after the screening. Exchange about the viewing experience via mobile phone.

Registration by email until 06/19/20

Registration and more information at (please specify format (s) in subject).


Künstl. Leitung, Recherche, Regie, Drehbuch: Felix Meyer-Christian

Mitarbeit Recherche (Mosambik), Mitarbeit Drehbuch: Helen Wendt

Kamera: Philine Von Düszeln, Thomas Oswald, Felix Meyer-Christian

Videoschnitt: Stéphanie Morin

Komposition, Soundart: Marcus Thomas

Coding, Virtual Reality: Erik Kundt

Color Correction: Eric Birnbaum

Bühne, Kostüme: Lydia Sonderegger

Dramaturgie: Hauke Heumann

Outside Eye: Zahava Rodrigo

Mitarbeit Recherche: Hauke Heumann, Lisa Mies, David Pallant, Maria Walser (Deutschland), Agnes Kammerer, Jens Ochlast (Spanien), Sascha Kölzow, Raphael Rubino (England)

Stringer, Mitarbeit Mosambik: Timoteo Maposse

Stringer, Mitarbeit Südsudan: Samir Bol, Ismail Omar

Produktionsmanagement: Franziska Merlo

Produktion Filmauswertung: Helga-Mari Steininger

Dramaturgie und Koordination Staatsheater Oldenburg und Nürnberg: Marc-Oliver Krampe, Sascha Kölzow

Orchesteraufnahmen Oldenburg: Jan Bergström (Oboe/ Englischhorn), Michael Hagemeister (Kontrabass), Agnes Izdebska (Violine), Jens Pfaff (Fagott)

Assistenz Oldenburg: Aisha Abo-Mostafa

Donation instead of Paywall!

We are happy to receive donations to institutions that stand up for the interests of BIPoC in Germany, do anti-racist work and continue their education. The following selection shows only a fraction of the existing organizations and is a suggestion for information and further reading

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
Black Lives Matter Berlin
Center for Intersectional Justice
Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V.
Initiative Schwarzer Menschen
KOP Kampagne für Opfer rassistischer Polizeigewalt
Mangos & Bullets
Neue Deutsche Medienmacher*innen
Phönix e.V.


A production by Costa Compagnie in cooperation with the State Theater Nuremberg and the State Theater Oldenburg, as well as the Edith-Russ-House for Media Art.

Funded by the Doppelpass Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation

Kindly supported by INVR.SPACE

In cooperation with flausen-BANDEN-Festival and Ballhaus Ost

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